Member Resources
(Sorry, the following are not available to non-members.)

Monthly newsletter
The newsletter is published at the start of each month and includes directions to the next meeting and tunes-of-the-month sheet music.  You will begin receiving the newsletter as soon as you send in your dues (which just cover the cost of printing and postage). Click here if you'd like to join. The newsletter, including sheet music, is also available by email in .pdf format.

Email List

There is also an email list to alert memebers to club announcements off-cycle from the newsletter, e.g., workshops, house concerts, and club reminders. If you are a member and would like to receive those emails, contact Kim Hughes.

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Sheet music

Tunes-of-the-month from 1986 to the present are available in sheet music. This is an essential reference for those who read music.  Members can order the sheet music by contacting Music Librarian Sandy Joseph. There is a charge to cover photocopying ($69).

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Alasdair Fraser’s discography

Contact Culburnie Records at 800-830-6296 or email The SFSF “Tunes on CD’s” list shows which tracks contain tunes-of-the-month.

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Alphabetical tunes list

This cumulative list of tunes-of-the-month (alphabetical by tune name) will help you find specific tunes within the sheet music packet (which is organized chronologically by month). The list is updated and published annually as part of the February newsletter.

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Member roster

To help us stay in touch, the member roster is published once a year as part of the March newsletter. Individual changes appear in each newsletter.  All members are listed (we do not have the ability to NOT list you).

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