Howard Booster's Index of Tunes in the SFSF Archive, updated by Bruce Maxwell

Howard Booster has compiled an index of all the tunes in the SFSF archive, as well as tunes that have been taught at Valley of the Moon Fiddle Camp.

Bruce Maxwell hs updated the original index through February 2013, and the result is available for download (as a Word Excel file). For those who don't have Excel, the file can be opened and sorted the free program.

Bruce adds, "the choices in the "Type" and "Resolving Key & Mode" columns should be taken with a little skepticism. (I'm not even sure "resolving" is the right idea -- dominant might be better.)  I made my best educated guesses, but I don't have a lot of training or intimate knowledge of the tunes. (And a jig can be played at the tempo of a march, for instance.)"


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