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The San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers

Here are various publicity materials for the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers. Feel free to use these in articles and event calendars on other websites and publications. For more information, contact

Press Releases

SFSF 2023 Spring Concert Series press release: PDF file, 112kB

SFSF 2023 Spring Concert Series PSA: PDF file, 60kB

Flyers & Posters

2023 Spring Concert Series

Quarter-sheet flyers. These are intended to be printed on 8-1/2" x 11" paper in landscape format, then cut into quarters:  PDF File

Flyer for Palo Alto concert only:  JPG, 4.4MB


  • SFSF Logo, 64 x 82, 15kB: PNG
  • SFSF Logo, 220 x 282, 36kB: PNG
  • SFSF Logo, 441 x 563, 69kB: PNG
  • SFSF Logo, 881 x 1126, 118kB: PNG

QR Codes

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